UX, SEO and new trends in web design – Interview with Olar Krjukov Volume 2

UX, SEO and new trends in web design – Interview with Olar Krjukov Volume 2

What is new about digital trends & User Experience and truth about SEO work – Interview with Olar Krjukov Vol. 2

Foto Olar KrjukovOlar Krjukov is webdesigner, webdeveloper, creative webarchitect and has this great overview of what’s going on in the digital industry. Today he reveals his insights, opinions and shares valuable informations about the latest trends in webdesign. This and even more is presented  in this second part of  interview where I asked him to share some of his experiences on somaas’s blog.

  1. Olar, I know many companies who make SEO health checks, implement some enhancements, but then do not continue this work and look after their internet presence on regular basis. What do you think about this?

If this happens then that basically means that all the energy that they put in was for nothing. Using the athlete as an example again, if the athlete stops training then they should not be surprised if they don’t get any trophies. The main element that needs to be determined is why the website exists in the first place and from which channels the company gets most of their audience and income from.
If it is solely the website, then SEO, social networking and marketing are the most important things. The internet is huge and you need to make lot of noise to get attention there.

  1. Does it make sense to invest in SEO for companies in B2B business?

Yes, if it makes sense to expand your brand and make the world hear it. B2B business is composed of people. People who also use the internet. And if people in B2B businesses need to gather information to resolve an issue they have, the first place they will look is on the internet. From there they get all their necessary information and will consider their next steps.

  1. You are creative web designer and graphic elements are one of the most inspiring and convincing assets in digital communication with customers. What do think about content marketing?

In my opinion, web design and content marketing go hand in hand. If good web design is to get the user’s attention, then great content marketing is to get those visitors hooked (lure them in and keep them there), whether it be with blog posts, videos or social media posts. If a website has great design and great content with value, there is no reason for the visitor to leave the website. With the right content marketing, visitors‘ issues are resolved and with that their loyalty towards the brand is increased. This, in the end, can result in more sales or free references through word of mouth.

  1. Occasionally I am asked by NGOs or small companies with very limited budgets about neccessity of a professional website. What would be your advice for companies that do not have enough budget for a professional web presence. Should they start with compromises and not a professional one? Start a DIY project? Or take another way?

Most importantly, companies need to ask what the purpose of their website would be. What would they want to get out of it? If it is meant just for information, like a virtual business card, and the main clientele is gotten through cold-calling, then a simple information website will do, and it is just there if some potential client decides to do a background check.
Later if the business creates more income, a strong web presence can be created to increase sales even more. For example, if someone just wants to start a bed and breakfast, they can always register on existing big databases, like booking.com, and get the traffic from there and set up review sites for the clients, until their budget grows. Then after that, their own website with content marketing can be created to boost their sales, give them more control over their image and how they interact with their clientele.

In regards to working with professionals or non-professionals, their experience needs to be kept in mind. Often professionals might charge more in the short term, but their results have more value for long term. But if the head of a company has the time and knowledge, why not start off doing it himself, and then when business has grown a bit, a budget has been created. Then they could turn towards a professional to increase their profit even more.

The second aspect oft he same challenge. I am often confronted with questions from very small companies like: how do I know when my investment in a website will pay off? Do you have an answer for them?

Online marketing, like with any other kind of marketing, takes time, and to make it better, the content needs to be constantly assessed and adjustments made from there.
When will the investment in a website pay off? When will cold-calling pay off? When will hiring a new employee pay off? When will the launch of a new brand pay off? If it is worked on every day for the next few months, it will pay off. But it will only pay off if it is worked on.

Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone, from small kids to old grandparents, and everyone is in need of things and services. So if a company wants to be relevant, they need to have a internet presence. If you are not on internet, you don’t exist. The simplest example would be with restaurants. If I look up a place to eat, I want to see their website and the menu they offer. If I can’t find it online, I will not bother walking there to find it out. Instead I will go and eat in a restaurant that has a web presence, where I can find necessary information easily.
It is the same way with everything else. When a website pays off, the time put into it shows. But what I can say with certainty, is that not having a website will never pay off. And the competition will slowly push you out. It is just matter of time as to when it happens, but it will.

  1. And more personally, what interesting project are you currently working on?

Currently I’m working on couple of somaas projects, reworking my own web presence, writing a book and creating my own webservice. Life is busy 🙂

 Olar thank you so much for sharing your opinions and insights in digital branch on somaas’s blog. There are a lot of valuable know-how that can be a good inspiration for many of people out there starting their web projects.

I wish you many successful creative projects and a great time ahead.

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